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Glass ornaments for gardens are hugely popular on Pinterest and make for highly likeable Instagram posts. The best part is that these fun crafts can be incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Plus, they’ll look stunning as they sparkle in the sun next to your perennials
The Planter’s Barn team has come up with an easy and up-cycled DIY garden decor project that you can work on this spring.

All you need is:

  • 1. Industrial Strength Adhesive or “super glue.”It can be purchased at your local craft store, Walmart or hardware store.
  • 2. At least three coloured glass vases, mason jars, bottles, old glass christmas ornaments or wine glasses of different shapes and sizes from your recycling bin, the local dollar store, thrift store or garage sales. Vintage is an asset! The more colour, the better- especially if you want to attract butterflies
  • 3. Paper towels
  • 4. Your own unique artistic vision!

What to do:
Simply start by applying your industrial glue to the bottom of a larger, sturdier vase that will act as your base and affix a smaller, more decorative piece to it. Let it dry overnight on some paper towels before adding your next piece. We recommended that you glue a plate to the bottom of your creation to add stability. When you’re finished, dig a bit of a hole in your garden, place your piece in the hole and add dirt around it to stabilize it.

You can also add coloured pebbles (which can also be purchased at dollar stores and craft stores) to your creation. To add even even more flair, consider adding inexpensive solar lights from your dollar store to add even more shimmer.

Bonus tip: to avoid the accumulation of water and subsequent mould or mosquitoes, try to design your creation in a way that will allow water to drip down like a water fall. For instance, invert a bowl rather than using it upright.

Here are some examples:
Recycled Glass Garden Ornaments


These would look beautiful amidst a bed of lavender, liriope, or even mainacht, or, ideally, whatever perennials are native to your area. The Planter’s Barn team are experts when it comes to plants native to the Ontario region.

Happy crafting!



" Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. "
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